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Recycled Golf Balls
Why the extra step of clear coating the recycled golf balls when many golf ball recyclers don't? Many years ago we noticed what was left at the bottom of the loose ball displays in Pro Shops, all the dull scuffed balls. No one wanted to play with a dull ball, not even just to test out a new club over a tricky water hazard. So we developed a way to provide a shiny, high gloss used ball from the top of the barrel to the bottom, without any significant change in the ball's natural characteristics.

At Links Choice we believe in providing the best product and the best value to the retailer and the consumer. With a durable, glossy, uniform finish in all retail grades, a Links Choice Recycled Golf Ball does just that.

Recycling Process

Recycled Golf Balls are washed and graded at Links Choice, the golf balls chosen for recycling are carefully stripped of most or all of the clear coat without removing the name. We do this with a mechanical wet blasting process, the equipment utilized in this process is very similar to equipment used in the process of prepping many new golf balls, before they are coated in the factory. This process allows us to get the golf ball as clean as possible and prep it for clear coating with our Binks
style paint lines. After clear coating the recycled golf balls are hand inspected for quality and consistency before packaging and shipping.

It is important to note that we do not have the ability to repair scrapes, dents or cart paths to a used golf ball. This is why we have different levels or grades of golf balls, such as Mint, Near Mint, Value Grade, Grade A, B, and C etc. This lets the consumer know what the physical and cosmetic condition of the golf ball will be in when they make their purchase. 

Links Choice Used & Recycled vs. Used Re-wash Golf Balls
We are proud of the recent testing results showing that our Links Choice Recycled golf balls fly as far or farther than ordinary used rewashed golf balls of the type sold by many of our competitors. Links Choice, the industry leader in recycled/refinished golf ball Processing, Packaging and Innovation.   

• Recycled golf balls are used golf balls washed, graded, and re-clear coated by Links Choice.

• Washed Only golf balls are used golf balls washed and graded only.

• Research conducted by a testing laboratory using a mechanical golfer for consistency.

• Tested with an MG Xtreme 400, with a 44.75” shaft, at an average club head speed of 101 mph.